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Big Wave Surfing in Lanzarote

February 3, 2017 - Sven Grossenbacher

Last Friday the wave reports were just looking perfect for La Misteriosa, a big wave spot situated in La Santa, Lanzarote the Canary Islands. This meant that once again that I had to move my office to the beach.

At 7 o'clock I met up with our local big wave crew, the San Borondón team from Tenerife and our water safety patrol from both islands. We checked the surf for a while and it seemed just perfect: some big sets rolling in and it was almost glassy - great conditions. Not the biggest day we have seen but some solid waves that definitely promised a lot of fun.

What a great day! It was simply beautiful to see how everybody involved in the mission teamed up and shared their experiences and made the whole team grow!

Thanks to everybody for the positive vibes in and outside the water.

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