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You may wonder what is involved in a successful photo shoot. 

Meeting with the client

It usually all starts with a detailed conversation with the client about his ideas and needs. 

Visualization and equipment preparation

I then need to figure out how to approach the shoot and usually ask myself: Where will the shoot take place, how will I compose it and at what angle and last but not least what equipment will I need to bring?

The equipment involves cameras, lenses, flashes, tripods, light stands... always depending on the subjects and locations I shoot.

For a real estate shoot, I would probably bring: 2 camera bodies, a 14 - 24 mm wide angle lens, a 50 mm & a 105 mm prime lens for detail shots, my 24 - 70 mm lens as a backup, a tripod, 2 light stands, 2 flash lights, 1 flash trigger, 2 flash receivers and a remote trigger. 

I then charge all the batteries and spare batteries necessary for the equipment and make sure that the camera sensor and lenses are clean and ready for the photo session. 


I usually plan to arrive early in order to set up and adapt my equipment based on the location and review the last details with my client in order to start shooting with confidence. 

Post processing

I only shoot in RAW format to receive the highest image quality possible and to post-process settings such as white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation, calibration of the different colour channels etc. without losing any image information captured by the sensor.

Once the RAW file is imported into Photoshop I retouch the photographs (blemishes, noise reduction, colour styles) depending on my customers' needs in order to receive the best image quality possible.


Once the post processing is finished, the images are available for download on our server. 

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