Search engine optimisation SEO

On-page optimisation

Search engines such as Google & co. want to provide users with the best user experience and quality websites.

I guarantee correct use and application of web standards and on-page SEO optimization when developing your website.


It is essential that you write quality texts, and do not copy them from other websites.

The texts must be written for the users and not for search engines.

For each page, we should not use more than 1-2 keywords, and we only use these when suitable.

Text structure

To structure the content, correct use of titles and subtitles (H tags from H1 - H6) is necessary.

To make the text more easily readable, lists <ul> or <ol> tags are usually also a good idea.

To highlight text we use <strong>, <b> tags or similar.


Images increase the value of a webpage, and ensure extra SEO options (Google Image Search).

All images are therefore described using the alt attribute, so that they will be listed by the search engines in image search and found by users.


Internal links in the text help users quickly switch to related topics.

Outbound links should always be inserted, when we refer to a page that provides the user with more information on the subject.

All internal and outbound links are given the title attribute, so that the user can see where the link leads.

Internal and external links are important - because the internet relies on links.


For multilingual sites we use the attributes rel = "alternate" hreflang = "x", which sets search result URLs to the correct language and region for users.

The URLs of your site are search-engine or user-friendly. For example, and not

Main menu & meta-tags

Proper logic and structure of the menus.

Each menu item is given a page title (title tag) in the respective language. This title tag appears in the search results of search engines as the title and should therefore be short and informative (max. 55 characters). Title Tag

Each menu item is given a description (meta description) provided in the respective language. This meta-description is presented in the search results as a brief description of your website (max. 160 characters). Meta Description

The page title and description should contain keywords of each page and describe your site as well as possible.


Your website knowadays needs to be optimized for smartphones.

Since smartphones do not always have the fastest internet connection, fast loading times also play a role in evaluating your page. Of course, fast loading times depend on many factors and not all of those can be considered.

Open Graph

Open Graph tags are meta-tags for Facebook, which specify information such as title, description, image, page type, etc.

By implementing these entries, the right information will always be copied for "likes" or "shares" of the relevant page.

Shared content and contributions are thus optimally displayed with the appropriate title, image and description on Facebook, which increases the click-through rate (CTR) of our website.


Your website is registered by Google Webmaster Tools and a XML sitemap is made available, in order to be found more effectively by Google.

Google Analytics

Your website is registered with Google Analytics and you can instantly call up the traffic to your website and understand the exact behaviour of the user.

The URLs of your site are search-engine friendly, e.g.: and not

Off-page optimisation

As already mentioned, it is the goal of Google and other search engines to present their users the best possible search results.

The search engines scan websites at regular intervals and see when new content is provided. High-quality and interesting content for users is valued positively by the search engines, and your site is given a higher rank in search results.

To measure the quality of a page, external links that lead to your website are counted and the more high-quality websites link to your content, the more your site will also be valued by the search engines.

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