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The most important thing in creating a successful website is to determine the specific needs of your target group and attract their attention. The best way to achieve this is to create content with a defined message, an attractive and clear design and user-friendly interface adapted to all devices.

MediaFish modern web design and latest technologies in Lanzarote

Dynamic development

In the process of developing a website, part of the design and content is preferably created in a dynamic process. However, we should commit ourselves to the functionalites of the website as early as in the planning phase. A combination of the waterfall model and the agile approach is probably the best solution and the most efficient way to successfully complete the development of a website.
MediaFish dynamic web design
MediaFish integrate corporate identity into the website


An in-depth and detailed discussion with the client and extensive research help me to understand the needs of the respective target group, the concept and how to achieve a successful implementation of the project with maximum efficiency.


Content and functions (applications) are visualized, coordinated and defined. The content must be targeted and convey a message. Functionality (software) must be well considered, as changes during development are often complicated and costly.


Once we have defined the content and functionalities I will create and customize the design, structure the content and optimize your website using the latest technologies while respecting the web standards to ensure the best positioning in search engines.


I start the design process by integrating the corporate identity of the company in the web site. Since new ideas are often incorporated during the development of a web project, a certain flexibility in design and visual elements can be very beneficial and help the success of a project.

Live Site

Once the process of development and design of the website is completed, a quality control is carried out in which the functionalities and compatibility with all modern browsers are tested. If all the tests are successful, the website will go live.


After the project has been completed, I will continue to be at your disposal. I offer different services to keep your applications and your content management system up to date, to create new content, to maintain your social networks and to help you with other projects and concerns you may have.

Website styles and applications

The different types of websites depend on the business areas of each company and therefore also require different applications. If the companies additionally offer their services or products to an international audience, they should provide a multilingual website. In the following I will show you some of the most important website styles and functions.
  • MediaFish - web site styles

    Website styles

    • Corporate websites (informative)
    • E-Commerce website
    • Radio, tv, magazine websites
    • Booking and online payment websites
    • Social Networking Sites
    • Blogs
  • MediaFish Website functionalities (extensions, aplications & plugins)

    Functionalities (applications)

    • Reservation and payment management (hotels, excursions, apartments, events...))
    • Online shops
    • Real estate platforms
    • Holiday rental platforms
    • Payment gateways (credit cards and PayPal)
    • Galleries (photos and videos)
    • Social Networking
  • MediaFish multilingual websites

    Multilingual websites

    • With a multilingual website you can reach a wider target group but it also means an additional workload.
    • Joomla! runs an integrated (native) multilingual system - Wordpress can only be used with third party plugins that can cause difficulties with future update compatibility.
    • Texts (content) should be written by a native translator. You should not rely on machine translation software and should be able to respond your clients requests in the offered languages.

CMS for efficient control

The most popular content management systems (CMS) offer a clear user interface for intuitive and easy to learn management of your contents. Due to the large selection of extensions and functionalities Joomla or Wordpress systems are my favorites but I have also worked with others such as Typo3 or Magento for example. For multilingual websites I prefer Joomla over Wordpress, because multilingualism is already integrated into the system and does not need third party plugins (software).
Joomla CMS
Wordpress CMS

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