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Project: Klinic Cannabis Club

Klinic Cannabis Club (CSC) asked me to do a photo shoot and create a new website for their cannabis club.

The website had to contain information about the activities, products and FAQ about the club, but also details about admission requirements for members and those who want to become involved. Furthermore, it was important to take expressive photos of the club and optimize them for the website.

The site has also been optimized with various keywords in 4 languages. By properly including these keywords in content, titles, metadata and attributes of images and links, all pages with the optimized keywords are now listed on the first page of Google's search results.

For marketing in the social media I created a Facebook and Instagram page and integrated the Open Graph metadata on the website.

To increase the visibility of relevant company information and the findability of the website , I also created a Klinic Cannabis Club Google MyBusiness page.

Services provided

  • Consultation
  • Research
  • Determination Target Group
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Content Translation (Spanish, English, German, Italian)
  • Photo Session (location and products)
  • Image Optimization (Sizes & Alt tag)
  • Web Design (Content & Menus)
  • Font integration (brand identity)
  • SVG Logo Conversion
  • Photo Gallery
  • Social Media Page (pulling in latest Instagram & Facebook posts)
  • On-Page SEO (heading & content structuring, metadata, attributes & XML site map)
  • Open Graph Protocol
  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • Instagram Page Creation
  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Google MyBusiness Page Creation
  • Web Installation Server
  • SSL Encryption
  • Email Creation
  • Email Account Configuration
  • Server Hosting (daily backups)
  • Maintenance Plan (cms, extension & plugin updates)
  • Google Search Console (web data analytics tool)
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